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Cyrex Control Center

Your #1 sollution to RGB tune your Clevo Keyboard, check, control and edit your laptop's/notebook's FAN speeds. The application is still under development

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Animate your keyboard

You can RGB tune your Clevo Keyboard. Choose any color you want to use on your keboard, from a rull range of RGB colors.
Have you tried all of the 16 777 216 colors? there will be a "by music" profile. With that profile, the keyboard colous are
changing based on the outputing sound.

A laptop running Cyrex on pearOS NiceC0re

Easy API

What does that mean? Well, with the Cyrex API you can controll, make, edit modules. The API will be abailable soon after the Application Release


After you install the Cyrex Control Center, you are instantly able to run and tune your settings without the needing of additional wait. The package is very smalL in size! Less than 2MB.

Fan curves

The new Cyrex Control Center can automatically change your CPU fan speeds. You can pick from few fan profiles, such as Default, Quiet, NightMode, Extraperformance. If you don't know what Profile to choose, you can check the fan curves displayed automatically in the Fan Control page.